Create a Jamstack site using Nuxt 3 & Storyblok


Workshop: Create a Jamstack site using Nuxt 3 & Storyblok

The workshop is organized in collaboration with Storyblok

🇬🇧 This workshop is held in English language

Build a full-blown multilingual site with Nuxt 3 and Storyblok as a headless CMS.

Do you want to build a website with multiple languages, optimized images, and performant as light? Then, you're in the right place.
We'll use Nuxt 3 newest features to create a clean website in combination with Storyblok, a headless CMS that will empower it so that even non-dev users will be able to create new pages.

Atomic design, creating dynamic menus in Vue, rendering dynamic pages and Nuxt 3 deployments are just a few things you'll learn!



Alba Silvente Fuentes

Developer Relations EngineerStoryblok

Alba Silvente Fuentes, aka Dawntraoz, is a FrontEnd Developer working as a Dev Rel Engineer. She likes writing about FrontEnd & Jamstack on her personal blog, speaking at conferences, hosting a Spanish tech podcast, and working hard in the open-source community. She is also a GoogleDevExpert in Web Technologies and an ambassador at Nuxt.

Alba Silvente Fuentes

Workshop Agenda:

  • Create a project from scratch with Nuxt 3 and connect it to Storyblok
  • Render Storyblok stories dynamically in our application
  • Create dynamic menus and the layout of our website
  • Create custom components and use the Image Transformation API provided by Storyblok
  • Create and render blog articles
  • Manage multilingual content
  • Publish our Jamstack site on a static site host

Who is it for?

This workshop is for those who want to learn more about headless approaches, create a Jamstack site, use an Image Transformation API, start playing with static site generators or keep up with the latest trend in the web ecosystem.


The workshop is Beginner/Intermediate level. To participate, you need to have some knowledge in Vue/Nuxt.

Useful information

The workshop is happening in Verona, in the same venue as the conference. Coffee breaks and lunch are included.
To participate, choose the 'Conference + Jamstack workshop' ticket.

Get your ticket!

Hotel San Marco, Verona
Via Longhena 42, 37138 Verona (VR) Italy

The hotel offers discounts for participants, contact them for more details.

How and when

The workshop takes place in person, on Thursday 17th November 2022, from 10 to 17.


Alba Silvente Fuentes
Developer Relations EngineerStoryblok